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Environmental Toxins

Environmental toxins are ubiquitous, everywhere around us. It is almost impossible in today's world to avoid exposure to some level of toxic substance. Even the most pristine wilderness is suffering from the impact of the world's industrial wastes.

One of the most important facts that people need to know about is the amount of poisonous chemicals that are sprayed on our food supply. This is done in order to kill insects. By eating these foods we are taking poisons into our bodies on a daily basis. We encourage each person to buy organically grown (unsprayed) produce whenever possible.

Chemical exposure is one of the major contributors to low vitality. Chemical toxins affect individuals in vastly different ways, depending upon their individual biochemical make-up. A person's constitution and state health has a lot to do with whether or not the immune system will be able to protect the body from the vast array of chemical assault. The immune system can become seriously impaired by over exposure to chemicals. Some chemical exposures acts to suppress immunity, while other cause the immune system to overreact.

In cases where the immune system acts to suppress immunity, it leaves one open to infections and viruses. When the immune system overreacts it leads to autoimmune diseases in which the immune system actually attacks the body's own cells. Arthritis, lupus, and some thyroid disorders are examples.

In order to combat the effects of our environment our bodies need to be saturated with the proper nutrients.

Recommendations to consider in creating a change towards better health include:

  1. Reduce the total toxic load by removing toxins from your environment and offending foods and additives from your diet.
  2. Restore your body's pH to its normal balance so that cellular systems begin to function normally.
  3. Begin a supervised detoxification program aimed at removing toxins stored in body tissues.
  4. Take a sauna whenever possible so that you sweat out toxins that are stored in the body's fat.
  5. Support the endocrine, immune, and liver system.
  6. Begin a program of stress management
  7. Restore gastrointestinal function.

Detoxification programs that attempt to lower the body's level of toxic substances are an important means of improving health and eliminating fatigue. Along with this program I recommend that one try to purchase cleaning products that are natural and chemical free. These can be gotten in any health food store and many of our regular markets.

Nutrients important for a detoxification program include:

L-glutathione Vitamin E Glycine Vitamin C
N-acetylcysteine Molybdenun Selenium Beta-carotene (M.U. Tene)
Bioflavonoids (Mega Pro Plus) Coenzyme Q10 TaurineCopper and Zinc

A Special Super Food

A nurse who worked in a drug detox center in Los Angeles worked with newborn babies who's mothers had been on cocaine while pregnant. They gave the babies Spirulina in their formulas and 75% of the cocaine came out in their urine. The same story has been told about the children of Chernobyl in Russia. After the nuclear reactor explosion many children were contaminated with radiation. They were given spirulina and a high percentage of radiation was eliminated from their bodies. We highly recommend having either spirulina or Chlorella in the diet as much as possible.

The micro-algaes contain elements that protect our cells from toxic substances and that help to release these substances from our bodies.