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Sleep Disorders

Sleep is nature's way of replenishing out bodies. In this stressful fast paced world a deep restful sleep is necessary for the body to repair itself. The body must be given a chance to heal itself. Every living thing must rest. Even unborn babies rest. By the age of 85, the average person spends 20 percent of the night awake.

Things that can be done to get a better sleep:

  • Have your evening meal be more carbohydrate dense.

  • Eliminate caffeine and alcohol, particularly at night.

  • Don't start involving yourself in highly engaging mental tasks near bedtime.

  • Don't go to bed hungry or after eating a large meal.

  • Take a hot bath.

  • Try using Melatonin occassionally to reset your circadian rhythm, especially after crossing time zones.

  • Try taking Calcium with a balance of associated nutrients necessary for proper calcium assimilation.

  • If you are having trouble with excessive worry, try taking St. John's Wort.

If you wake up in the middle of the night and cannot go back to sleep due to too much mental activity, get up and bend over from the waist and touch your toes. This sometimes helps you to stop thinking and too relax.

I met an American Indian man this year while I was hiking down into Canyon De Chelly. The hike down was long and steep. He was running down as I was climbing back up. He ran down and ran back up in the same amount of time it took us to reach the top huffing and puffing. When we met him later at the top of the canyon, he told us he was 55 years old. He said, he has been running for a long time and it has greatly improved his health. When he gets home at night and goes to sleep, he sleeps like a baby and does not even wake up during the night like he used to. He shared with us that he felt that the run helped his body to heal itself and to correct all of his imbalances.