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Introduction To Fatigue

Adrenal Weakness

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Exercise Is Required

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Exercise Is Key To Energy

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Consistent Exercise

Regardless of the individual factors that impact our energy, regular exercise is critical to maintaining adequate levels of energy. The following chart, carefully kept, lets you see your real commitment to this Energy Enhancer. Each exercise session should last at least 20 minutes.

Exercise Tracking

Weekdays Stretching Aerobics Weight Training
Sunday spacer spacer spacer
Monday spacer spacer spacer
Tuesday spacer spacer spacer
Wednesday spacer spacer spacer
Thursday spacer spacer spacer
Friday spacer spacer spacer
Saturday spacer spacer spacer

Breath Therapy

Although breathing is an automatic function, by bring attention to its depth and rhythm we can make it a useful link between mind and body. Breath is the elixir of health, oxygenating, cleansing, and nourishing the cells and tissues of our body. It is also a natural relaxer. Just yawn and feel the release of tension in your body. As we have become immersed in the affairs of the world, we tend to stop our feelings, our emotions, at our diaphragm, which then restricts our breathing. A first step in the use of exercise as an antidote for fatigue is to once again breathe fully in and out of our abdominal area. We need to stop "stopping" the natural flow of our breath.

breath therapy 1 breath therapy 2

The above exercise brings breath into the abdomen; facilitates the free movement of the diaphragm; massages the organs of the abdomen, the liver, and the heart; relaxes the mind and body; and quiets and balances the nervous system.

Visualization and Positive Suggestion:

"I am bringing fresh air and life-giving oxygen to every cell in my body."