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Metabolism and Appetite Balance for Optimum Weight Management

When we do go without eating, we lose unwanted fat. When we stop dieting, fat quickly returns - often with more. Low fat diets do not work! For thousands of people, this approach has simply put on more weight.

Fact: Metabolic discipline is essential for successful weight management.

Metabolic Discipline means you no longer crave carbohydrates. You can be hungry without being distressed or physically ill! You eat to satisfy hunger, rather than having anxiety driven eating habits. You have a digestive system that works in balance.

The seat of metabolic discipline is the liver! The liver is the fat factory of the body. It regulates blood sugar plus controls hormones that effect our "food mood". Without its express cooperation and leadership, we are defenseless against hunger and we have neither the willpower nor the metabolic power to lose weight.

The liver is the largest organ of the body, responsible for 500 - 600 biochemical functions. It is the seat of our adaptability. In fact, it is so adaptable that it can actually take a "low fat" diet, shift its production and turn excess carbohydrates into fat, often in less than four hours. It can also take a protein, low carbohydrate diet and convert excess protein to fat!

Weight Loss Basics

Eat less than you need and unwanted pounds will drop off. Weight gain is the result of eating more than our body needs. When this occurs, the liver, which turns the food into glycogen, a form your body uses for immediate energy, takes this same component, and turns it into fat, to be stored for future use. When glycogen stores in the liver are full, the liver can convert what you eat today into fat, often within just hours! Simply put, even when foods (principally carbohydrates) themselves may be fat-free, excess eating will result in excess fat.

When weight loss is not this simple, look first to Blood Sugar Metabolism:

The inability to lose weight often begins with our inability to "be hungry". Our hunger is triggered by low “blood sugar”, which signals the liver, the storehouse of nutrients, to release glucose into the blood. If the liver is functioning properly, it releases glycogen as it is needed and we are able to go a minimum of four hours with out feeling hungry. However, if the liver is not regulating the blood sugar properly, you can feel hungry soon after you have eaten!

If the liver fails to release adequate glucose, a rapid fall in blood sugar makes most people reach for simple carbohydrates - a quick sugar fix for the body. Sugary, high glycemic foods are carried rapidly into the blood, triggering the release of insulin to bring blood sugar down. Insulin is essentially a "storage hormone" that aggressively promotes the accumulation of body fat. More than this, increased insulin levels in the blood not only tell the body to "store carbohydrates as fat", they also tell it not to release any stored fat!

Because the primary role of glycogen stored in the liver is feeding the brain, hunger to those who have a compromised "blood sugar metabolism" means headaches and a shaky, often nauseated feeling. These are often symptoms of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and early warning signs of diabetes.

If you are having problems with your blood sugar level rising or falling, use Perfect Balance along with Liver Enhancer to balance your blood sugar and nourish your liver energy. Balance the liver’s ability to regulate your blood sugar metabolism and you will notice that your eating schedule, along with your eating habits will change! When you no longer reach for "quick fix simple carbohydrates", your metabolism will support your weight management goals.

Perfect Balance Perfect Balance
Perfect Balance balances blood sugar and increases body energy by improving sugar metabolism. Perfect Balance is recommended for those who exhibit diabetic or hypoglycemic symptoms.
2 fl. oz., 60 servings
Retail $29.95 / Your Cost $22.46
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The nourishing herbs in Liver Enhancer enhance, protect and restore the function of your liver while balancing your immune system. Liver Enhancer helps to balance blood sugar and fat metabolism. Take this formula to nurture and detoxify your liver and protect the liver from damage associated with autoimmunity, inflammation, oxidation, and infections. Restoring balanced liver function is the cornerstone of this dynamic weight management program. As the liver's health improves, your excess weight melts away.

Liver Enhancer Chi
Traditional Chinese Medicine, Liver Enhancer Chi balances blood sugar and fat metabolism. Liver Enhancer Chi delivers maximum benefits of historically proven edible, precious and beneficial mushrooms. Enhance, protect, and restore the function of your liver while balancing your immune system.
2 fl. oz., 60 servings
Retail $29.95 / Your Cost $22.46

Natural Nutrients That Help Get Rid Of Excess Body Fat

Vita Trim Pro Vita Trim Pro
Vita Trim Pro contains natural nutrients to help lose body fat, including Fucoxanthin and Hoodia. Suppresses Appetite. No Mood Swings due to Blood Sugar Fluctuation. Energy Production instead of Fat Production. Weight Stays Off! No Yo Yo Effect! No Side Effects. No Depression. No Hypertension. Steady, healthful weight loss! Good for Hypoglycemia.
90 tablets
Retail $36.95 / Your Cost $27.71

Garcinia Cambogia - an Asian melon, is the source for a natural ingredient that effectively curbs the appetite and inhibits lipogenesis, the process by which the body produces and stores fat.

Hoodia Gordonii - It is said that Hoodia's appetite suppressing molecule is almost 10,000 times stronger than glucose. Hoodia has been used by Bushman tribes to suppress hunger and thirst during long hunting trips. This Hoodia extract attacts obesity by helping to fool the brain into believing you are full, which in turn lowers calorie intake. Hoodia Gordonii also works by creating a feeling of satisfaction and well-being.

SouperSlim SouperSlim Tomato Powder Concentrate
SouperSlim is a delicious tasting all natural, low sodium tomato based soup formulated to provide nutritional support (high protein, good carb's and soluble fiber) to those desiring to lose weight or as part of a weight maintenance program.
220 grams
Retail $34.95 / Your Cost $26.21

Souper Slim is a delicious tasting all natural, low sodium tomato based soup formulated to provide nutritional support (high protein, good carb's and soluble fiber) to those desiring to lose weight or as part of a weight maintenance program.

Gymnema Sylvestre - an herb that reduces sugar cravings and blocks absorption of sugar.

L. Carnitine - a fatigue fighting amino acid that has a regulatory effect on fat metabolism, and lowers both triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

Chromium - a trace mineral essential for the proper utilization of blood sugar. It helps lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and lowers body weight while increasing lean body mass.

Magnesium - a co-factor in many biochemical reactions, particularly those that produce metabolic energy. It is important for protein formation, nerve condition, and bowel function.

Potassium - an extremely important electrolyte that helps maintain water balance, supports muscle and nerve cells, and kidney and adrenal function. It is essential for production and storage of glycogen, the source of energy for exercising muscles.

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More on Blood Sugar

Glucose is found in grains, pasta, bread, cereals, starches and vegetables which have a high glycemic index. Fructose is found in fruits and has a very low glycemic index. Galactose is found in dairy products. While all are rapidly absorbed by the liver, only glucose can be released directly into the bloodstream. This is why glucose-rich carbohydrates, like breads and pasta, virtually sprint from the liver into the bloodstream, while galactose and fructose must be converted and enter the bloodstream at a slower rate.

A Word on Fiber

Fiber acts as a brake on the rate of entry on the absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream. The higher the fiber content, the slower the rate of entry. Remove the fiber and the rate of entry accelerates. This is why juicing, while providing valuable micronutrients, does not necessarily equate to optimum health. It may, in fact, create a faster blood sugar response.

Jump On A Trampoline

Five minutes of exercise a day on the trampoline. Rebound exercise on the mini-trampoline stimulates the lymph flow better than any other form of exercise. During weight loss, there is a tendency for the body to start "house cleaning", releasing accumulated toxins for elimination. Without a strong circulation of the lymph, that waste can build up within the body leading to symptoms of illness.

Exercising on a trampoline also helps one to gain endurance. This form of exercise is a very powerful rejuvenator. Case histories show that people have experienced relief from years of aches and pains after just a few weeks of regular jumping.

Additional Recommendations

Nutrient Saturation - a key for returning our body to a state of natural vitality and optimum weight.

Our bodies require a complex array of nutritional components, and especially the micro-nutrients that are missing from the normal diet. The conundrum is how to do this while eating less. The answer to the puzzle? Booster foods, commonly referred to as "super foods", provide full spectrum concentrated nutrition with minimal caloric content. Super foods are more nutritionally dense than our normal foods, so relatively small quantities provide a tremendous benefit. Some of the best super food sources for nutrient saturation include: the micro-algaes - Spirulina, Chlorella and Dunaleilla; and the Cereal Grass Juices - alfalfa, barley, kamut, and wheat.

These booster foods can be taken along with a de-oiled lecithin, itself a super food, to increase nutrient assimiliation. Given the necessary raw ingredients, plenty of full spectrum nutrition, our bodies have amazing regenerative capabilities. We can literally rejuvenate at the cellular level. This re-vitalization eventually manifests as more energy, stronger resistance to disease, and even an improved mental state.

Do your body a favor. Start your day with full spectrum nutrition from a Delicious Meal Replacement shake. The balanced nutrition in this power packed shake will give your body the building blocks it needs to begin restoring balance.

Green Magic has a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, & micronutrients that provide the basic building blocks for rejuvenation at the cellular level.

Premium De-Oiled Lecithin is a fat emulsifier, a brain and nerve food, a rich source of GLA, and helps the body absorb nutrients.

Meal In A Glass is a high quality, metabolically balanced weight control meal replacement. It has a superior taste without sugar, sucrose, glucose, or artificial sweeteners. It provides a complete amino acid profile. Also included is flax seed for Omega-3, healing herbs, and a balance of fiber for proper gastrointestinal function. Meal In A Glass is delicious mixed with water only!

Take a Probiotic Complex with each meal. Probiotics will help rebuild your natural probiotics and restore the balance you need for digestion.

Master Cleanser Dissolves and eliminates toxins and congestion that have formed in any part of the body. Purifies the liver, cleanses the kidneys and the digestive system.

Give your body an occassional break with Rejoice. Cleanse, detoxify and rest the digestive system - AND LOSE UP TO 10 POUNDS IN JUST 2 DAYS! In addition to natural fruit juices, vitamins and minerals, each serving provides 5 grams of soluble non-digestible fiber to help moderate blood sugar levels and maintain regularity. In addition, ReJoice has been super concentrated which makes it possible to create eight 8 oz. juice drinks. Rejoice is a delicious all natural fruit juice concentrate with essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. It is specifically formulated as a two day detoxifying fast that allow you to safely lose up to 10 lbs of weight. Fasting with the delicious fruit and berry juices found in the Rejoice 48 hour plan can give you the opportunity to build a new, healthier body from the inside out and release unwanted pounds! Rejoice comes in delicious Wildberry flavor.

Information on other issues that may impact your weight management program