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What is Chlorella

chlorella single cell algae

Chlorella is a single-celled algae. Throughout its two-billion-year history on this planet, it has survived because its tough outer shell protected its genetic integrity, and it is one of the most efficient foods on earth in using and concentrating sunshine, as shown by its high chlorophyll content and rapid reproduction. Chlorella is a natural, pure, whole food with all the materials to support life. Cracked cell wall Chlorella provides a tremendous source of concentrated nutrition.

chlorella fossil

Chlorella's genetic integrity has remained constant for over two billion years, as fossil remains have demonstrated.

This chlorella fossil dates to the pre-Cambrian period.

How Is Chlorella Produced

Chlorella is a natural food. It is a dark-green colored micro-algae that is the world's richest natural source of chlorophyll. Man has picked out the best strains of chlorella to grow and harvest, but has not tampered with its genetic structure. Chlorella is grown in a liquid nutrient medium made from purified water and toxin-free nutrient chemicals, including trace elements. Chlorella is free of toxic residues and has no chemical additives. It is a pure food.

chlorella culture pool

Culture pools in Okinawa, Japan. These large culture pools are over 175 feet in diameter. When the chlorella in them multiplies to a certain density factor, it is harvested for processing. The climate of Okinawa is ideal for rapid growth of Chlorella.

chlorella after low-temperature drying

This is what chlorella looks like after low temperature spray drying.