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Metabolism and Appetite Balance for Optimum Weight Management

When we do go without eating, we lose unwanted fat. When we stop dieting, fat quickly returns - often with more. Low fat diets do not work! For thousands of people, this approach has simply put on more weight.

Fact: Metabolic discipline is essential for successful weight management.

Metabolic Discipline means you no longer crave carbohydrates. You can be hungry without being distressed or physically ill! You eat to satisfy hunger, rather than having anxiety driven eating habits. You have a digestive system that works in balance.

The seat of metabolic discipline is the liver! The liver is the fat factory of the body. It regulates blood sugar plus controls hormones that effect our "food mood". Without its express cooperation and leadership, we are defenseless against hunger and we have neither the willpower nor the metabolic power to lose weight.

Vita Trim Pro with garcinia cambogia, fucoxanthin, hoodia, carnitine, and gymnema sylvestre, provides you with a weight loss program that recognizes the inherent problems we face when we try to push food away! We can’t go without eating! Headaches, a weak feeling and mood swings are all loud reminders that we need food and that, even though we may have just eaten, we crave more!

Vita Trim Pro Vita Trim Pro
Vita Trim Pro contains natural nutrients to help lose body fat, including Fucoxanthin and Hoodia. Suppresses Appetite. No Mood Swings due to Blood Sugar Fluctuation. Energy Production instead of Fat Production. Weight Stays Off! No Yo Yo Effect! No Side Effects. No Depression. No Hypertension. Steady, healthful weight loss! Good for Hypoglycemia.
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The technology behind Vita Trim Pro with Garcinia Cambogia, recognizes that balancing and nurturing the liver are the keys to weight loss. The key to success with Vita Trim is to take it everyday - three times a day. Powerful phytonutrients in these two teas act as your "metabolic personal trainer", to give you the power to eat less and be more selective about your food choices. The nourishing herbs in Liver Enhancer augment this dynamic weight management program to detox, tone, and balance the liver. As the liver's health improves, your excess weight melts away.

Weight Loss Basics

Eat less than you need and unwanted pounds will drop off. Weight gain is the result of eating more than our body needs. When this occurs, the liver, which turns the food into glycogen, a form your body uses for immediate energy, takes this same component, and turns it into fat, to be stored for future use. When glycogen stores in the liver are full, the liver can convert what you eat today into fat, often within just hours! Simply put, even when foods (principally carbohydrates) themselves may be fat-free, excess eating will result in excess fat.

When weight loss is not this simple, there are metabolic challenges to address:

Blood Sugar Metabolism

The inability to lose weight often begins with our inability to "be hungry". Our hunger is triggered by low “blood sugar”, which signals the liver, the storehouse of nutrients, to release glucose into the blood. If the liver is functioning properly, it releases glycogen as it is needed and we are able to go a minimum of four hours with out feeling hungry. However, if the liver is not regulating the blood sugar properly, you can feel hungry soon after you have eaten!

If the liver fails to release adequate glucose, a rapid fall in blood sugar makes most people reach for simple carbohydrates - a quick sugar fix for the body. Sugary, high glycemic foods are carried rapidly into the blood, triggering the release of insulin to bring blood sugar down. Insulin is essentially a "storage hormone" that aggressively promotes the accumulation of body fat. More than this, increased insulin levels in the blood not only tell the body to "store carbohydrates as fat", they also tell it not to release any stored fat!

Because the primary role of glycogen stored in the liver is feeding the brain, hunger to those who have a compromised "blood sugar metabolism" means headaches and a shaky, often nauseated feeling. These are often symptoms of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and early warning signs of diabetes.

If you are having problems with your blood sugar level rising or falling, use Perfect Balance along with Liver Enhancer to balance your blood sugar and nourish your liver energy. Balance the liver’s ability to regulate your blood sugar metabolism and you will notice that your eating schedule, along with your eating habits will change! When you no longer reach for "quick fix simple carbohydrates", your metabolism will support your weight management goals.

More on Blood Sugar

Glucose is found in grains, pasta, bread, cereals, starches and vegetables which have a high glycemic index. Fructose is found in fruits and has a very low glycemic index. Galactose is found in dairy products. While all are rapidly absorbed by the liver, only glucose can be released directly into the bloodstream. This is why glucose-rich carbohydrates, like breads and pasta, virtually sprint from the liver into the bloodstream, while galactose and fructose must be converted and enter the bloodstream at a slower rate.

A Word on Fiber

Fiber acts as a brake on the rate of entry on the absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream. The higher the fiber content, the slower the rate of entry. Remove the fiber and the rate of entry accelerates. This is why juicing, while providing valuable micronutrients, does not necessarily equate to optimum health. It may, in fact, create a faster blood sugar response.

Additional Recommendations

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