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Weight Loss

Most of us are operating in a semi-starved condition. Of course, as we see in the news reports this is the reality for many persons in the world today. However, this condition also applies to the majority of United States residents. A rather strong statement! After all, don’t most of us eat as much as we like? In fact, aren’t many of us actually trying to cut down on our food consumption because we have a weight problem.

Food may be plentiful, but the nutrient content is lacking. Over 50 years ago the Federal Department of Agriculture released a study revealing that our farm land is deficient in almost all of the nutrients required by our bodies, and it hasn't gotten any better. Unless you have access to organically cultivated foods that are grown on soils that have been continually enriched with all the trace minerals, you are not getting the nutrition necessary for optimal health.

So, our foods are nutritionally deficient and to make matters worse, our digestive systems are in need of a tune-up.

These are all symptoms of an impaired digestive system. So, not only are our foods nutritionally deficient; we don't even assimilate what little value is present.

Our body is not satisfied. We are subconsciously driven to eat more in a futile attempt to obtain the nutrients our body requires for optimum functioning. The excess of empty calories exacerbates any weight problem. We don't have the energy to exercise. We are on a continuing downward spiral of lower energy, lower vitality, and a lowered immune system. We are progressively more susceptible to disease.

Unfortunately, this state-of-affairs becomes the normal condition. We even think that our health is OK. We have forgotten what it feels like to wake-up in the morning with abundant energy, to jump out of bed, eager to start a new day.

Most of us know, at least in a general sense, what we should do to improve our health: a better diet, more exercise (for many of us, how about even a little bit of exercise?). We all have some rationalization why we aren't doing these things. Is it true that most of our reasons are rooted in a combination of inertia (getting started is the hardest part of the job), and the busy pace of life?

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Natural Nutrients That Help Get Rid Of Excess Body Fat

Garcinia Cambogia - an Asian melon, is the source for a natural ingredient that effectively curbs the appetite and inhibits lipogenesis, the process by which the body produces and stores fat.

Gymnema Sylvestre - an herb that reduces sugar cravings and blocks absorption of sugar.

L. Carnitine - a fatigue fighting amino acid that has a regulatory effect on fat metabolism, and lowers both triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

Chromium - a trace mineral essential for the proper utilization of blood sugar. It helps lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and lowers body weight while increasing lean body mass.

Magnesium - a co-factor in many biochemical reactions, particularly those that produce metabolic energy. It is important for protein formation, nerve condition, and bowel function.

Potassium - an extremely important electrolyte that helps maintain water balance, supports muscle and nerve cells, and kidney and adrenal function. It is essential for production and storage of glycogen, the source of energy for exercising muscles.

All of the above ingredients are contained in Vita Trim Pro.
Take Vita Trim Pro 30 to 60 minutes before each meal to help lose body fat.

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Three easy steps to incorporate into your daily routine.

Step One: Nutrient Saturation - a key for returning our body to a state of natural vitality and optimum weight.

Our bodies require a complex array of nutritional components, and especially the micro-nutrients that are missing from the normal diet. The conundrum is how to do this while eating less. The answer to the puzzle? Booster foods, commonly referred to as "super foods", provide full spectrum concentrated nutrition with minimal caloric content. Super foods are more nutritionally dense than our normal foods, so relatively small quantities provide a tremendous benefit. Some of the best super food sources for nutrient saturation include: the micro-algaes - Spirulina, Chlorella and Dunaleilla; and the Cereal Grass Juices - alfalfa, barley, kamut, and wheat.

These booster foods can be taken along with a de-oiled lecithin, itself a super food, to increase nutrient assimiliation. Given the necessary raw ingredients, plenty of full spectrum nutrition, our bodies have amazing regenerative capabilities. We can literally rejuvenate at the cellular level. This re-vitalization eventually manifests as more energy, stronger resistance to disease, and even an improved mental state.

Start your day with a delicious Super Food Smoothie that includes:
Green Magic, Earth's Harvest, Lecithin, and Meal In A Glass.

Green Magic has a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, & micronutrients that provide the basic building blocks for rejuvenation at the cellular level.

Premium De-Oiled Lecithin is a fat emulsifier, a brain and nerve food, a rich source of GLA, and helps the body absorb nutrients.

Meal In A Glass is a high quality, metabolically balanced weight control meal replacement. It has a superior taste without sugar, sucrose, glucose, or artificial sweeteners. It provides a complete amino acid profile. Also included is flax seed for Omega-3, healing herbs, and a balance of fiber for proper gastrointestinal function. Meal In A Glass is delicious mixed with water only!

Meal Replacer Smoothie Recipe

Blend all ingredients and enjoy as a nutritious meal replacement.

Step Two: Jump On A Trampoline

Five minutes of exercise a day on the trampoline. Rebound exercise on the mini-trampoline stimulates the lymph flow better than any other form of exercise. During weight loss, there is a tendency for the body to start "house cleaning", releasing accumulated toxins for elimination. Without a strong circulation of the lymph, that waste can build up within the body leading to symptoms of illness.

Exercising on a trampoline also helps one to gain endurance. This form of exercise is a very powerful rejuvenator. Case histories show that people have experienced relief from years of aches and pains after just a few weeks of regular jumping.

Step Three: Cultivate A Positive Mental Attitude. Enjoy Each Moment.

Negative thinking has a very profound detrimental effect on the body. Any type of stress can lead to exhaustion whether or not you have a strong or a weak constitution. Stress will eventually catch up to the most robust constitution.

Let's begin by committing ourselves to achieve a greater level of health and well being and to experience abundant energy.