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The Three Treasures:

Jing, Shen, Qi
Describe three concepts of energy
which underly the philosophy on which
the "Three Treasures Teas" were developed.

Jing energy, also called "essence", is the primordial energy unique to an individual that is passed to them at conception. Shen is said to be the driving energy behind activities that take place in the mental, spiritual or creative planes. Qi is the most dynamic and immediate energy of the body.

These traditional Chinese herbal therapeutic formulas are in the form of delicious teas that provide concentrated healing power to restore vitality and promote longevity. Common health issues are addressed by these 13 different formulas.

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Liver Chi Liver Chi helps balance blood sugar and fat metabolism. Nurtures and detoxifies the liver and protects the liver from damage associated with auto-immunity, inflammation, oxidation, alcohol, and infections such as hepatitis viruses. Helps heal psoriasis. Enhance, protect, and restore the function of your liver while balancing your immune system.

2 fl. oz., 60 servings
Retail $29.95 / Your Cost $22.46
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Aller-ease Aller-ease Aller-ease for allergy and decongestant formula with bitter orange and ginseng. This is a pleasant tasting, fast acting, traditional Chinese herbal formula used for fighting inflammation and allergies. Controls allergies using the body's natural healing energy. Drink it now, feel the effects in half an hour! Relieves congestion that block the body's natural healing mechanisms. Extremely effective for general food allergies.

2 fl. oz., 60 servings
Retail $29.95 / Your Cost $22.46
Magic Fruit Magic Fruit Magic Fruit, Lo Han Guo, is a Chinese herbal tea concentrate with a natural sweet taste (250 times sweeter than sugar) with no sugar or calories. Use Magic Fruit to naturally sweeten the taste of any beverage. Magic Fruit is very good for hypoglycemia and diabetes sufferers. Magic Fruit helps to control food and sugar cravings. Cook or bake with Magic Fruit. Magic Fruit is a cooling, calming, relaxing herb that balances excess yang and reduces stress. Magic Fruit promotes longevity. Magic Fruit helps digestive tract problems, sore throats, coughs, headache, and tension.
2 fl. oz., 60 servings
Retail $29.95 / Your Cost $22.46

The Three Treasures: Jing, Shen, Qi describe three concepts of energy and underly the philosophy on which the "Three Treasures Teas" were developed.