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How Spirulina Is Produced

Spirulina ponds in Kona Hawaii

One of the best sources for Spirulina is Cyanotech, an environmentally friendly Spirulina farm in Kona, Hawaii. Spirulina is grown there in giant "O" shaped ponds. The water is kept constantly flowing and is fed with natural minerals. The mountain in Kona boosts 350 days of full sun-shine each year which supports the quick growth and high chlorophyll content of the Spirulina.

Cyanotech spirulina production Cyanotech Spirulina Pacifica is cultivated in shallow open ponds adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. Paddlewheels agitate the water, permitting even exposure to the sun. A combination of fresh water and nutirent-rich deep ocean water, drawn from a depth of 2,000 feet, is used to fill the ponds.

spirulina harvesting At harvest time, the spirulina is pumped from the culture ponds through underground pipes to a process building whre it is screened for particulate matter and then separated by stainless steel screens from the culture medium. In the system, 100% of the growing media is continuously recycled to culture ponds to become the nutrient base for the next crop.

spirulina washing Prior to drying, Spirulina Pacifica is washed three time with fresh water and vacuum filtered.

spirulina drying A patented "Ocean Chill Drying" process is the final stage in the production of the powder microalae. The drying process takes approximately 3 seconds and results in a dark green powder with a consistency similar to flour.

spirulina packaging The bulk Spirulina Pacifica powder is packaged in foil laminate heat-sealed bags with an oxygen absorbing pack sealed in each bag. This packaging ensures product freshness and extends the shelf life potential.