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Contains Glucosol for Balancing Blood Sugar

Now you can safely
lower blood sugar by
as much as 30% in just 30 days!

En Espanol: Una respuesta herbolaria para aquellos que estan buscando controlar el peso y el azúcar en la sangre. GlucoFit-48™ contiene Ácido Corosolico estandarizado y encapsulado en una formulación de gel suave que ha sido probada clínicamente para entregar resultados concluyentes. Solo una capsula diaria ayuda a bajar naturalmente el azúcar en la sangre sin efectos adversos. El Ácido Corosolico ha probado que puede bajar efectivamente el azúcar en la sangre, aun cuando los sujetos son dependientes de la insulina. GlucoFit-48™ también realiza una fuerte actividad antioxi-ante, buscando radicales libres y previniendo la peroxidación lípida.

30 softgel capsules
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GlucoFit is an herbal answer so many are seeking for healthy weight and blood sugar management. GlucoFit's principle component, Corosolic Acid, from Glucosol is standardized and encapsulated in a soft gel formulation that has been tested in major clinical trials and proven to deliver conclusive results.

The Science:
The following tests conducted on individuals with Type II Diabetes are exemplary of the quick, effective results of GlucoFit-48™ supplements.

GlucoFit effect on Diabetes graph 1
Blood Sugar Levels Indicate Increased Sugar Transport
Test subject was a 76 year-old male with a Type II Diabetic condition for over 20 years who had been hospitalized. The graph represents hourly blood sugar levels before (control) and after 30 days of Glucosol supplementation. Note the apparent steeper decline and the lower minimal blood sugar level during supplementation.

The rate of sugar transport during Glucosol supplementation is twice that of the control condition.

GlucoFit effect on Diabetes graph 2
Insulin and Glucosol Fasting Blood Sugar Reduction
This study is a direct comparison of the effects of insulin and Glucosol on blood glucose levels. The subject was admitted to the hospital due to a heart attack. Since the blood glucose levels were abnormally elevated, perhaps due to adrenaline and stress, the subject was administered insulin for one week. Insulin decreased the fasting blood glucose level from 400 mg/dL to a plateau level of 280 mg/dL at the end of the week.Subsequently, a Glucosol supplement was given for two weeks. Within one week, the fasting glucose level dropped from 280 mg/dL to 110 mg/dL. After 14 days, the blood glucose level plateaued at 110-100 mg/dL (normal).

GlucoFit effect on Diabetes graph 3
Twelve Hour Blood Sugar Before and After GlucoTrim-48™ Supplementation
This study compares hourly blood sugar levels before and after an evening meal (600 calories) in a Type II Diabetic patient.

The slow sugar decrease after a meal (before supplementation) is characteristic of Type II Diabetes.

The blood sugar profile during GlucoTrim-48™ supplementation is more representative of that found in normal sugar regulation.

This data shows that GlucoTrim-48™ enhances sugar transport by 67%!

How to Take GlucoFit-48™
Just one GlucoFit (glucosol) gel capsule (48 mg) taken at approximately the same time each day is recommended to reduce your risk of developing symptoms of diabetes ...and to control already elevated blood sugar levels.

The Effects of Glucosol are Dramatic and Long Lasting


GlucoFit effect on Diabetes graph 4

Conclusion: During the washout interval, the recovery of blood sugar was significantly delayed in all volunteers for 45 days. This suggests a memory effect of Glucosol for up to four weeks, even after the termination of supplementation.

GlucoFit effect on weight loss

GlucoFit-48™, Diabetes & Your Diet

Diabetes Mellitus
Diabetes Mellitus is now viewed as the Epidemic of the West. It is a debilitating disease process triggered by a breakdown in the body's metabolism of its energy source, blood sugar (glucose). Its name (Mellitus) means sweet, referring to the taste of the urine when sugar is present. In the U.S., it accounts for over 200,000 deaths annually and its over 13,000,000 diagnosed patients experience a cascade of degenerative disease processes including heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, cancer, and circulatory problems, including blindness and amputation.

In addition to these staggering numbers, it is estimated that 1/3 of those with symptoms of diabetes go undiagnosed.

Blood sugar regulation is dependent on insulin which is literally the key that opens the door to cells, allowing glucose to enter. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas and activated in the liver.

There are Two Types of Diabetes, Reflecting how Normal Metabolism is Blocked
Type I Insulin-dependent (IDDM) or Juvenile-onset Diabetes.
While these patients are dependent on daily injections of insulin, reducing insulin requirements through diet and life-style can reduce the risk of developing heart and blood-vessel disease.

Type II Non-insulin-dependent (NIDDM) or adult-onset Diabetes.
Cells block the entry of glucose (Syndrome X) or insulin production is impaired by age and life-style. Dietary and life-style changes can dramatically effect the course of this disease.

It is estimated that 90% - 95% of those over 20 experience some problems with blood sugar metabolism. Given our high fat, high sugar diet, even our children are at greater risk of experiencing the early warning signs of what was previously defined as a disease aggravated by age.

"Non-insulin dependent diabetics with blood sugars near 200 who were reluctant to use drug therapy have been elated when this natural product brought blood sugars back to normal or near normal range."

GlucoFit works quote 1
Dr. Wendy Rashidi, MD
New Spirit Scientific Board
"I have been insulin dependent for years. The Wellness Products have allowed me to consistently reduce my insulin, lose weight and regain my energy. With GlucoFit, my blood sugar dropped so low, I had to skip my insulin injection on three different days. I am amazed at how quickly it worked!"

GlucoFit works quote 2
David Marumoto
"With the Wellness Products, I have been able to consistently reduce my oral medication. Now, with GlucoFit, my blood sugar is normal with just 1/4 of my prescribed dose. I am looking forward to giving up my medication all together! One problem with the Wellness Products and GlucoFit, my pant size has dropped from size 8 to size 4 and I have had to buy new clothes!"

GlucoFit works quote 3
Lynn Reed
"With medication, my daily blood sugar reading was close to 300. Within just two weeks, this count is running 120. Hard to believe that just one gel capsule could give such great results."

GlucoFit works quote 4
Brian Glasgow


A Family History of Diabetes
There is some evidence that people with the genetic tendency towards Type II Diabetes store body fat at a greater rate.

Blurred Vision, Thirst and Frequent Urination
The body, in its attempt to neutralize the preponderance of sugar in the blood and discharge it through the urine, pulls fluid from the tissues. Blurred vision reflects this loss of fluid from the eyes.

Slow Healing; Red Swollen, Tender Gums
Often the result of yeast infections that are fanned by the anaerobic environment created by an over abundance of sugar in the blood ( "syrupy blood").

Nerve Damage
Burning feet and sensitivity to cold are early warning signs of circulation problems.

A Fruity Smell on the Breath; Ketosis
Cells starved for energy break down fat.

Low Blood Sugar
Hypoglycemia, if not addressed eventually becomes hyperglycemia (diabetes).

High Blood Pressure & High Cholesterol
Excessive insulin causes lower levels of "good" HDL cholesterol and higher levels of "bad" LDL Cholesterol. Three out of four diabetics die of cardiovascular disease directly related to their diabetes.

Weight Gain
Particularly around the middle (apple or pear shaped). A preponderance of blood sugar that is unable to penetrate the cell wall triggers excess insulin. Insulin triggers the body to store this excess energy as fat. Insulin is referred to as the "fat storage" hormone.

The vast majority of those suffering from Type II diabetes are obese, averaging 25% over their normal body weight. This condition, in itself causes insulin resistance.

Additional Dietary Recommendations

Wellness PAck

Cover the Basics with The Wellness Pack!
Always the first step in restoring and maintaining vibrant health! Seven key products provide you with essential nutrition -including important fiber, powerful antioxidants and critical vitamins and minerals (including GTF Chromium and vitamin D) that assist the body in regulating glucose.

Boost Your Nutrition with "Add-Ons"to Your Daily Green Magic Shake:
Alpha Greens Enhance Detoxification.

Give Yourself Even More Antioxidant Power

Pay Attention to Your Liver, the Organ that Regulates Sugar and Fat Metabolism
Utilize our Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Concentrates:

A diet low in fat and sugar and high in fiber is indicated in all cases of poor blood sugar metabolism. With modern technology, it is possible to test your blood sugar or, better yet, to have a Blood Glucose Tolerance Test performed by your physician.

Your Blood Glucose Tolerance Test can point to the diet best suited for you.

Indications of low insulin levels require a diet rich in complex carbohydrates to stimulate sluggish insulin production.

Indications of too much insulin (Syndrome X) is a signal that the cells are insulin resistant. A high protein diet can diminish the amount of circulating glucose in the blood and, thereby, reduce insulin production.

If you are over weight, restrict your diet (particularly fat and sugar). New SpiritÕs Weight loss aids address blood sugar metabolism and are safe and effective.

Particularly Recommended for Diabetics:
Vita Trim with GTF Chromium

Note: Any weight loss program should be approved and monitored by your medical practitioner. If your practitioner has questions concerning any of these products, please refer them to Natural Ways To Health for nutritional information.

Love your Veggies!
Persons with low fruit and vegetable intake (at least the lower one-fourth of the population) experience about twice the risk of cancer and as compared to those with high intake, even after controlling for potentially confounding factors.