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Herbal Immune Formula

The immune system is the most sensitive system of the body. Herbal compounds have demonstrated effectiveness in supporting and strengthening the immune system. Echinacea, Gold Thread, Astragalus, Cat's Claw, and Reishi Mushroom work synergistically to boost the immune system.

En Espanol: Una formula de factor inmunologico que incorpora algunos de lasmejores hierbas conocidasen China y en la medicinaOriental. La Echinacea, el Astragalus, El Reishimushroom, el GoldenThread, el Cat Claw y el Aloe Vera reunidos en una capsula para proporcionarle un poderoso soporte nutricional.

90 capsules
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In an amazing dance, 20 trillion immune cells circulate throughout our bodies to kill bacteria, virus, yeast or cancer cells. Cells throughout the body duplicate all day at a blinding pace. When they are not copied exactly as they should be, an emergency call brings elements of your immune system to find and destroy these abnormal cells. For example, experts agree that most people get cancer, a proliferation of abnormal cells, about 6 times per lifetime. However, only one in three people will develop detectable cancer due to the surveillance of an alert and capable immune system.

Historically, natural "tonics" have been used to effectively stimulate the body to maintain a strong immune response necessary to inhibit the growth of many viruses and microorganisms. Often the benefits of these natural substances are mild, however, in combination the benefits can become significant - so significant that virtually all drugs were originally developed from natural substances until a later synthetic analog could be made in the lab.

A healthy immune system is our best line of defense against disease and the key to vibrant health. Herbal compounds have demonstrated effectiveness in supporting and strengthening the immune system. Our Defense formula combines some of the most efficacious herbs for support of the immune system.

Defense Contains The Following Ingredients in each capsule:

Echinacea (125 mg. extract)

This powerful herb has long been recognized for improving the body's resistance in infectious condtions of all kinds, particularly influenza and colds.

Gold Thread (75 mg. extract)

Gold Thread is known for its natural antibiotic effect, especially when bacterium have developed resistance to chemical drugs.

Astragalus (50 mg. root)

Astragalus is known as an organ toning and balancing herb and provides a powerful stimulus to the immune system.

Cat's Claw (50 mg. powder)

Cat's Claw is one of the wonderous herbs of the Peruvian Rain Forest. It has been used for hundreds of years for treatment of a wide range of health problems associated with the immune and digestive systems.

Reishi Mushroom (50 mg. powder of fruiting body)

Reishi Mushroom increases resistance to disease and helps to harmonize bodily function.

Aloe Vera (2 mg. of 200 x concentrate)


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