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ProCell™ Premier Collagen
& Hyaluronic Acid

ProCell™ supplies a concentrated matrix of nutrients, including Bioavailable Hyaluronic Acid, Depolymerized Chondroitin Sulfate, Collagen Type II (a patented bio-available form of collagen), and Cartilage Matrix Glycoprotein (CMGp, a newly discovered antioxidant in proteoglycannes), & MSM.

ProCell Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid ™

90 capsules
Retail $39.95 / Your Cost $29.96
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200 capsules
Retail $76.95 / Your Cost $57.71
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ProCell Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid
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ProCell Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Label

ProCell Collagen™ & Hyaluronic Acid Usage

Diet, age, stress, digestion, and physical activity (high impact sports) all effect our ability to provide the body with the nutritional raw materials it requires to properly support joint and connective tissue health.

ProCell™ provides a nutritional complex shown to:
    • Support joint health by providing essential elements to protect cartilage from degeneration and boost collagen synthesis.

    • Improve the appearance of skin, hair, and nails by providing key "beauty amino acids." HA and Collagen are vital structural components of the skin that are responsible for the its moisture, suppleness, elasticity, and tone.

    • Enhance wound healing by providing the whole body with the nutritional support that can reduce oxidative damage to joints and connective tissue.


Products complementary to ProCell Collagen

MSM Complex
MSM provides nutritional support for inter-cellular health. MSM is an extraordinary dietary supplement that supports the body's connective tissue and benefits a huge range of health problems. MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane) is a natural form of organic sulfur found in the flexible bond between your cells. MSM is organic sulfur, a compound vital to every cell. OPTIMSM, a patented ingredient, is comprised of 34% sulfur, the richest source of MSM available. Also contains spirulina, standardized ginger, a curcuminoid complex and a patented natural bio-availability enhancer.

For energy, anti-aging, and cellular protection. Oxygen Radical Absorbence Capacity (ORAC), measures the antioxidant power of foods and nutritional supplements. Use ORAC+ daily to reverse cellular damage caused by free-radicals.