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DHEA An Anti-Aging Dietary Supplement

Declining DHEA and the corresponding decline in dependent hormones has been linked to the loss of muscle tissue and stamina, fatigue, increased body fat, a decline in sex drive and an increased susceptibility to disease.

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At age 35, many individuals begin to fatigue more easily, experience a gradual loss of muscle mass and are not as effective at fighting off disease. Some of these changes are likely due to inactivity and life-style. The reality is that the aging process affects even those who watch their diet and exercise daily.

Although the specific mechanisms of action for DHEA are only partially understood, supplemental DHEA has been shown to have a positive influence on markers that define aging and obesity.

DHEA Replacement Therapy

Research indicates that DHEA replacement therapy can restore serum levels to those of a 21-year old. People over age 40 who do not supplement with DHEA usually have serum levels below 200, with many testing below 100. Chronic DHEA deficiency is a risk factor for developing the degenerative diseases of aging, according to the preponderance of evidence existing in scientific literature.

How do you know if you can benefit from DHEA?

You can test your current DHEA level. This may be done by your doctor and is helpful in establishing a base line to determine the effectiveness of supplementation. Since most adults over 40 have low DHEA blood levels, many health professionals feel that it is better to test DHEA blood levels three to six weeks after beginning supplementation to determine optimal dosing levels.

Products complementary to DHEA-Pro for your health program:

Vitality is a highly effective formula to fight fatigue, impotence, and low kidney energy including lower back pain. Vitality helps with chronic fatigue. The herbs in Vitality nourish the blood and improve blood flow. Vitality helps balance the immune system and the hormones in the body. Vitality's Chinese herbs help with low sexual energy.

Kidney Enhancer
Kidney Enhancer is a kidney tonic and anti-aging formula. The Kidney Enhancer formula has been used for thousands of years to heal and nurture the kidneys. Kidney Enhancer promotes longevity and enhances vitality. Kidney Enhancer is good for chronic fatigue. The herbs in Kidney Enhancer fortify your blood, support adrenal function, enhance mental performance, darken hair, and moisten the body and skin.

Energizing is a Traditional Chinese herbal formula providing a concentrated extract of Ginsengs, Schisandra, Astragalus, Chinese kudzu, Lo Han Kuo, Bitter Orange, Chinese Blackberry, and Chinese Licorice. Take Energizing Tea now and feel energetic in a half hour.

Ultra Whey-Pro
Ultra Whey-Pro, Great Taste and Low Carbohydrates. Whey Protein Isolate is widely accepted among nutritional experts to be superior to other sources, including soy protein isolate, in promoting health and athletic performance.

A Summary of DHEA Studies (Watson, 1996)

For more detailed information on DHEA research select: DHEA Research

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