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Ultra Whey-Pro

Great Taste and Low Carbohydrates
The ultimate low carb food source.

Whey Protein Isolate is widely accepted among nutritional experts to be superior to other sources of protein, including soy protein isolate, in promoting health and athletic performance.

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Ultra Whey-Pro Protein
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Advantages of Ultra Whey-Pro Protein

  • Low carb
  • Virtually lactose free
  • Low in calories
  • Near zero carbohydrates
  • Predigested for better absorption
  • Offers the highest content of BCAA, 53% as compared to 20% in regular whey
  • Low glycemic index (ideal for dieting)
  • Ideal for baking, cooking, mixing into shakes
  • Ideal for both the hard-training athlete and the sedentary person who wants to supplement their diet with more protein and less carbohydrates
  • High biological value (157 BV), which means that less is needed to accomplish tissue repair, growth, and recovery.

Ultra Whey-Pro™ is Whey Protein Isolate manufactured by a proprietary ion-enhanced process which prevents the proteins from being denatured and ensures that the finished product contains inherently present biological active proteins. Not only does this process maintain smaller protein micro fractions, but it also improves the biological activity, helps retain clarity, improves mixablity and yields a protein of approximately 85%, or 24 grams of protein per serving.

Ultra Whey-Pro™ is very low carb with a carbohydrate content of approximately 1 gram and an attractively low fat content of less than 1/2 gram of fat per serving.

This is important because whey, in general, is naturally high in fat and lactose (a milk sugar that is hard for many people to digest). Moreover, our scientists have developed technology to remove the lactose with the fat. Once the fat and lactose are removed, the whey protein is hydrolyzed. Hydrolyzation chops the naturally occurring long chains of proteins into short chains. These short chains, known as branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), provide maximum availability and a protein with an extremely high biological value (BV) of 157.

Whey Protein as a Dietary Supplement

The human body needs a constant supply of protein to repair and build living tissue. Protein plays an essential role in the production of hormones, blood hemoglobin, antibodies, new muscle tissue and virtually every metabolic process. In order to maintain existing cells, lost protein must be replaced. In order to gain new tissue, protein must be present.

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Blood Pressure

Whey peptides, known as lactokinins, have recently been shown to be mild ACE inhibitors. While they may not be as potent as prescription medication, they may be useful particularly in mild cases or borderline hypertension.

Researchers reported that "these naturally occurring peptides (functional peptides) may represent nutriceutical functional food ingredients for the preventionl treatment of high blood pressure." (Life Extension, 2002)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Whey protein is the most effective way to deliver precursors for glutathione (GSH) synthesis. It has also been shown to raise glutathione levels in humans and animals. It has been theorized that whey may be especially effective for people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CSF).

For more detailed information on whey protein research select: Whey Protein Research.

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