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Vita Balance 2000

A Full-Spectrum Vitamin !
Chelated Mineral !
AminoAcid !
Herbal Complex

The VITA BALANCE 2000 program is a key step toward experiencing nutrition power. This dynamic product goes beyond a vitamin program by incorporating herbs, chelated minerals, amino acids, PLUS 70 trace minerals.

90 tablets: Retail $28.95 / Your Cost $21.71
Vita Balance 2000
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Trace Mineral Elements are so named because they exercise their influence and action on the mechanism of life itself, even when they are present in only minute amounts. They serve as catalysts, or releasing agents, for other essential nutrients (such as proteins and vitamins) which might otherwise remain unavailable.

An all inclusive complex, VITA BALANCE 2000 takes into consideration your nutritional needs as well as all aspects of digestion, metabolism, and elimination...VITA BALANCE 2000 also considers the effects of your environment, the air you breathe, the stress you encounter, and the water you drink, in providing a program to support optimum health!

Nutritional studies show conclusively that vitamins and minerals do not work alone. We need minerals if we want our vitamins to be effective. Herbs are powerful combinations of vitamins and minerals and must be used with wisdom. Too much of even good things can be bad, i.e., too much Vitamin D increases the absorption of calcium and can actually raise calcium levels too high; megadoses of Vitamin C wash out B-12 and folic Acid, which leads to well-known maladies as irritability, poor memory, and even diarrhea without paying close attention to the required balance the body needs, or by inadvertently megadosing on specific nutrients, you may actually disrupt and damage the health you seek.

Vita Balance 2000 gives you the security that a balance of nutrients will be readily assimilated, and the many benefits of a balanced nutritional program will be realized almost immediately.

Sustained Release/All Natural
No Sugar, Preservatives or Starch

Since Vita Balance 2000 is a COMPLETE FOOD, it is readily digested, providing you with superior nutrition that translates into more energy.

Vita Balance 2000 is a carefully balanced combination of food-based vitamins, chelated minerals, herbs and amino acids which help maintain natural immunities, cleanse the body of toxins and supply energy and nutrient absorption.

3 Tablets Contain:

VitaminsPotency% RDA
Vitamin A (Palmitate)6,700 IU134%
Vitamin A (Beta Carotene)3,300 IU66%
Vitamin D3200 IU50%
Vitamin E (D-Alpha Tocopherol)100 IU50%
Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate)500 mg834%
B-1 (Thiamine HCL)25 mg1867%
B-2 (Riboflavin)25 mg1471%
B-6 (Pyridoxine HCL)25 mg1250%
B-12 (Cyanocobalamine)125 mcg2084%
Niacin25 mg125%
Niacinamide25 mg125%
Folic Acid200 mcg50%
Biotin25 mcg 8%
Choline (Bitartrate)25 mgn/a
PABA (PARA Amino Benzoic Acid)25 mgn/a
Inositol25 mgn/a
Pantothenic Acid50 mg500%
Additional NutrientsPotency
Octacosanol45 mcg
Primrose2.5 mg
Lecithin50 mg
Rutin15 mg
Hesperidin7.5 mg
RNA<50 mg
DNA8 mg
Bioflavonoids37.5 mg
Betaine HCL30 mg
Acidophilus Freeze Dried ( Lactose Free)25 mg
Amino AcidsPotency
Lysine HCL25 mg
Arginine HCL11.5 mg
Glutamic Acid30 mg
Methionine25 mg
Chelated MineralsPotency% RDA
Iron (Protein Chelate)9 mg50%
Calcium (Protein Chelate Ascorbate & Gluconate125 mg13%
Magnesium (Protein Chelate & Oxide)62.5 mg16%
Phosphorus (Hydrolyzed Protein Com)50 mg3%
Potassium (Hydrolyzed Protein Com)49.5 mg
Zinc (Protein Chelate)15 mg100%
Manganese (Protein Chelate)7.5 mg
Selenium (Hydrolyzed Protein Com)30 mcg
Chromium Polynicotinate30 mcg

HERBAL COMPLEX in a base of 30 mg each of the following (except where noted)

Acerola Cherry
Almond Bran
Aloe Vera (50 mg)
Bilberry (1000 mcg)
Cayenne (Capsicum)
Dandelion Leaf and Root
Foti Herb
Ginkgo Biloba (1000 mcg)
Papaya Leaf
Peppermint Leaf (1 mg)
Proanthocyanidins (2000mcg)
Red Raspberry Leaf
Rice Bran
Slippery Elm
Spirulina (75 mg)
Yellow Dock
Wintergreen Leaf (1 mg)

VITA BALANCE 2000 addresses all aspects of digestion, metabolism and elimination.
It can be taken on an EMPTY STOMACH since it is a COMPLETE FOOD!