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How New Spirit Naturals products are formulated.

Natural Ways To Health has chosen a nutritional research and formulation company named New Spirit Naturals as our primary supplier of health supplements. New Spirit's products are the highest quality, most efficacious formulations we have found. Here is some background information about how these products are developed.

New Spirit Naturals nutritional supplements are formulated with food extracts that are grown organically, hundreds of miles from the nearest polluting industries, high in the mountains, on an ancient vocanic lakebed surrounded by snow packed peaks. Studies done at a Utah university reveal that this is the most mineral and nutrient rich soil in North America. Additionally, the drying process for our concentrates guarantees a low temperature and gentle preservation of all phyto-nutrients.

NOVA Certified

The New Spirit Chinese medicinal herbs are organically grown in China and extracted there utilizing traditional Chinese medicine techniques. The herbal extracts are shipped to the United States in liquid form, thereby avoiding the irradiation process that other Chinese herbs are subjected to inorder to meet import regulations. In the United States, a natural, patented process is used to standardize and combine the herbal concentrations.

New Spirit Naturals' manufacturing facility exercises the strictest quality control. All ingredients are of the purest quality. New Spirit researchers have literally searched the world over to obtain the purest ingredients for these unique nutrient combinations.

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