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Guidelines for Healthy Aging

Recommended Supplements and Diet Guidance for Common Health Challenges

Food is information. Genes pick up the information. Molecules we eat shape how we look. At any moment in time, we can change the experiment and reshape our bodies.

We at Natural Ways To Health believe that the quality of what we consume on a daily basis has a profound impact on our overall health and well-being. We also believe that carefully selected whole food supplements should be an integral part of every person’s diet. As a result, we recommend that each individual become increasingly responsible for his or her food choices and dietary supplementation in pursuit of optimum health.

We recommend that you give any natural nutritional program at least six months to show its effectiveness. That is not to say that you will have to wait that long to feel the first changes, but it is possible. There are two primary reasons for this:

One final word of encouragement: if the program of supplements you have chosen to work with do not show results within six months, consider getting additional counseling and modifying your program. Often, life appears to be a dynamic puzzle in which health only occurs after all the moving pieces find themselves, at last, falling into place just when it seems it will never happen. And what you learn along the way is sure to provide you with wonderful, unexpected gifts.

The categorization of nutrients was done based on our professional staff’s review of the latest scientific nutritional research and supplementation recommendations as reported by both the allopathic and complementary medical professions.

The recommended supplements are listed in a general order of importance. Of course, for any given set of health circumstances, your most effective program will vary. We suggest you select three or four supplements to start with, then add on to your program incrementally based on your own investigations and experience.

The life style and nutritional supplement suggestions presented here are meant as educational information and are not intended to be used for diagnosing, treating, prescribing, or as a replacement for treatment of any type of medical condition. We do recommend consulting with a health professional who incorporates nutrition as a part of a wholestic appproach to health.