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Power Plant Enzymes

A complete mixture of enzymes to give extra digestive support

60 coated tablets
Retail $26.95 / Your Cost $20.21
Professional Size - 200 coated tablets
Retail $80.00 / Your Cost $60.00


Power Plant Enzyme Complex contains a complex mixture of enzymes to aid in the digestion of fat, sugars, starches, milk, and proteins.

Power Enzyme Complex
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The breaking down of foods into smaller absorbable units the body can utilize is dependent upon the digestive tract's secretion of a class of proteins called enzymes that are present in every natural food. Because they are heat sensitive, they are often de-activated when foods are cooked and processed. The lack of natural enzymes in the foods we eat places an extra strain on the pancreas and gallbladder. "Burn-out" of these important digestive organs leads to a myriad of conditions, including diabetes, hypoglycemia, pancreatis, heartburn, and an array of digestive disorders.

Each tablet of Power Plant Enzyme Concentrate contains the following enzymes:

Lipase (20 mg.)Fat
Protease (20 mg.)Protein
Amylase (20 mg.)Starches
Lactase (20 mg.)Milk Sugar
Maltase (20 mg.)Reduces maltose & dextrose
Sucrase (20 mg.)Sugar
Rennin (5 mg.)Milk Protein
Trypsin (120 mg.)Protein
Chymo-Trypsin (2.5 mg.)Swells Protein

Each tablet of Power Plant Enzyme Complex also contains the following digestive aids