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Nutri-Fem for Women

Vitamins, Minerals, Glandulars,
and Phyto-Estrogenic Herbs.

A woman's nutritional needs must take into account the complex interrelationship between the reproductive system, endocrine system, nervous system and a delicate hormonal balance.

60 tablets
Retail $34.95 / Your Cost $26.21
Nutrifem for women
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NUTRI-FEM contains nutrients to keep women at their best — physically and mentally — by promoting and enhancing normal female functions. Contains a rich complex of vitamins, minerals, glandulars and herbs designed to nourish the nervous system, eliminate excess fluid and balance conditions of excess (like PMS) and conditions of estrogen deficiency (like menopause and menstrual problems).

Each two tablets contain:

Recommended where there are conditions of excess (PMS, fluid imbalance, and nervousness) and estrogen deficiency (menopause and menstrual problems).