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Natural Balance

Wild Yam Creme

Naturally Occuring:
Diosgenin and Dioscene

A natural alternative for:
restoring and maintaining
a woman's hormonal balance

4 oz. cream
Retail $39.95 / Your Cost $29.96

Natural Balance Wild Yam Creme
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Reported Effects of Wild Yam Root

Natural Balance extra strength formula, also includes:

Dong Quai - is one of the most tonifying and nurturing herbs. Dong Quai is a blood nourisher. Blood in Chinese medicine is the mother of chi (energy).
Vitamin E - enhances the utilization of estrogen stores, helps alleviate breast tenderness, slows down the process of skin wrinkling, and protects bone marrow from toxicity.
Borage - is an excellent source of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) an Essential Fatty Acid.
Alfalfa - is an exceptionally high source of silicon and boron. Silicon is good for bone strength, healthy skin and hair. Boron dramatically improves calcium retention and hormonal balance. Boron enhances and mimics some effects of estrogen ingestation in post menopausal women.
Plus: Watercress, Chamomile, and Aromatherapy Oils

Studies show that the active ingredients in the Wild Yam are more effective when absorbed through the skin than when taken internally.