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G.M. Larionov, M.D., professor, Kiev, Ukraine

Vladimir Kurashvili
Dr. Vladimir Kurashvili, M.D.
Founder and Editor of Journal of Natural Medicine, Moscow.

One of the contributions, under the able leadership of Vladimir Kurashvili,
is a tremendous body of medical research on our nutritional supplements.

Nutritional supplements Premium Lecithin and New Life 1000 (Omega-3 fatty acids) were given in recommended doses to persons experiencing intensive brainwork (students). The test group (those who did not take supplements) and the control group (those that did take them) had 10 persons each. We used generally accepted methods of scientific research. We distributed cards to the students and requested them to make corrections, crossing out a definite sign in the morning and in the evening. Also, we took into consideration the total number of viewed signs. The results were evaluated with the help of statistic methods.

In the control group, the number of viewed signs were 873 with mistakes equal to 17.6, compared to the test group where figures were 840.2 and 7.6 respectively. Thus, we concluded that the application of these nutritional supplements decreased the number of mistakes more than 2 times.

In addition, we observed the influence of these supplements on logical thinking affected by fatigue (in the evening, after a day of studying). For this evaluation, complicated logic problems were presented to both groups. In the control group, integral indices of active thinking were: in the morning - 31.3%, in the evening 32.3%; in the test group - 30.6% and 49.8% respectively.

Nutritional supplements containing a complex of fatty acids that are metabolically transported to the brain (Omega-3 & Premium Lecithin) should be recommended for intensive brainwork that demands heightened attention and active logical thinking (pupils and students during exam sessions, working operators, etc.)