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Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly
Ginseng, Bee Propolis

Feel Great
Have More Sustained Energy
Increase Your Endurance
Relieve Stress
Enhance Your Immunity
Reduce Allergies

60 capsules
Retail $32.95 / Your Cost $24.71

bee pollen
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BEE POLLEN - A Wealth of Nutrients

Each Tablet Contains 400 mgs

Bee Pollen contains thousands of enzymes and coenzymes, every known vitamin and trace mineral, the essential amino acids, prostaglandins (hormone precursors), essential fatty acids, RNA and DNA, flavonoids, carotenoids, and antioxidant enzymes.

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ROYAL JELLY - Natures Miracle food

Each Tablet Contains 135 mgs

Royal Jelly is the "exclusive" food of the Queen Bee. The benefits of Royal Jelly include: Slows the aging process, strengthens the immune system and increases endurance and energy levels and may possibly extend life. (Not to be taken by asthmatics)

Over her life span of four to five years, the Queen Bee becomes the mother for up to 250,000 bees, and is capable of laying over 2,000 eggs at one time. Compare this to the worker bees whose life span averages three months or less. Scientists believe that these remarkable differences the fact that the Queen is much larger than the workers, seems to be the result of her exclusive diet of royal jelly. It contains all that is in Bee Pollen plus it also contains an antibacterial and antibiotic component.

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GINSENG - Panacea - All Healing

Each Tablet Contains 175 mgs

One of the oldest and most respected of all herbs. Ginseng works as a tonic, stimulant, and rejuvenator, especially for men. It is used by women for fatigue and sexually-related symptoms. It is usually found in formulas used to balance the menstrual cycle, reduce PMS and hot flashes of menopause. The most widespread use is to increase energy. It helps to increase protein synthesis in our bodies. Research shows it may reduce overall cholesterol and triglyceride levels, raise HDL, and strengthen the immune system. It is commonly used in the Orient for longevity.

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PROPOLIS with Carob - "Defense Before a Town" (Greek)

Each Tablet Contains 40 mgs

Propolis is the natural resin from the body of some trees and flowers which may tone and heal epithelial tissue, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, & mucus membranes of our bodies' numerous organs, glands, and ducts. It is the bee's natural defense against bacteria, viruses, and fungus. It contains a natural antibiotic, galagin, that is used in a variety of remedies to treat or prevent low-grade infections.