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Wei Chi - or Natural Defences

You create your personal health everyday by choosing a healthy diet, drinking the right herbal combinations, removing excess stress, and getting plenty of rest and exercise.

All this will empower your Wei Chi - or natural defenses.

When your immune system is compromised, reach for Therapeutica (Wei Chi) Tea.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recognizes the "constriction of blood vessels" as the first sign of a challenge to your natural defense mechanism, your Wei Chi. This happens if you become cold, feel stressed or face any symptoms that can lead to illness. Your blood doesn't flow freely, magnifying aches and pains, dampening your spirits and intensifying fatigue! Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches that your best remedy is, first and foremost, to restore blood flow. One of the sayings passed down for thousands of years is, "Where blood flows, Qi (energy) goes". Therapeutica Tea Concentrate restores the flow of blood, insuring that your internal organs can do their job in restoring health.

Therapeutica's powerful ingredients are also designed to help your immune system "act appropriately" whenever it is challenged. When your Wei Chi is seriously compromised, the body's natural defenses go into action, often bringing on a fever. In Western Medicine, when a high fever breaks, this response usually viewed as a good sign. Chinese Medicine, however, believes that the body has literally become too hot and the immune system, to avoid causing harm, has shut itself off!

Therapeutica Tea insures that your body's immune response does not "overheat", thus it modulates symptoms and allows the body to more appropriately use its energy for restoring wellness. Other key ingredients in Therapeutica Tea Concentrate naturally boost your body's ability to cleanse itself of parasites, bacteria and viruses, many that cause inflammation that is often endured as "old age".

When do you need Therapeutica Tea Concentrate? You can safely use this tea at a therapeutic dose as an annual cleansing tonic for three weeks (preferably each spring). During the balance of the year, whenever you feel your "Wei Chi" is challenged, when symptoms of cold or flu appear or you feel an inflammation anywhere in your body, reach for Therapeutica as your first defense.

An interesting note: In treating childhood ear infections, antibiotics are often rendered ineffective simply because the inflammation in the tiny capillaries that surround the ear blocks the flow of blood, which, in turn, starves the area of medication. A few drops of Therapeutica will enhance the benefits of your antibiotics. Continued use of Therapeutica at an appropriate dose for a child's age for several weeks will help restore important balance so that the body's immune system can handle any future challenges.

As with all Three Treasures Teas, the Therapeutica formula is a balanced formula. lt delivers the maximum benefits of Cassia tora and Chinese kudzu to supply cooling energy to the liver, kidneys, lungs, gall bladder, large intestine and small intestine, which protects them from infection. Knotweed contributes calming and warming energy to the lungs and kidneys which reduces inflammation and balances the immune system. Kudzu cools the spleen and muscles and expels internal heat. Licorice enhances the benefits of all herbs in all meridians and organs. This formula cleanses the entire body, while eliminating the excess heat.

Therapeutica fights infection, while reducing inflammation and swelling. Lowers blood pressure. Balances your immune system. Eliminates candida. Helps control herpes outbreaks. It balances the immune system and helps supply cooling energy to the liver, kidneys, lungs, gallbladder, and intestines while cleansing the entire body.

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