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A Natural Anti-biotic

250 servings per bottle
Retail $39.95 / Your Cost$29.96

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Naturcidin™ is a potent broad-spectrum botanical compound designed to support the entire immune system. This carefully crafted formula targets the intestines and supports digestion, as well as systemic immune function. Naturcidin is a great addition to have on hand to boost your immune defense system when needed.

The Formulation: Naturcidin is a high potency broad spectrum concentrate of 13 herbs along with the essential oils, oregano, galbanum, tea tree oil and lavender. Proprietary Blend in vegetable glycerin including: Bilberry, Grape Seed extract, Cordyceps, Golden Seal root, organic Shitake mushroom, Noni pwd, organic Garlic pwd, White Willow bark, Milk Thistle, Echinacea root, Black Walnut leaf & hulls, Fumitory ext., organic Gentiana lutca pwd., organic Oregano essentail oil, Lavendar essential oil, Galbanum essential oil, Tea Tree oil, and Beet juice. Serving size: 2 drops (0.12 ml), 250 servings per bottle.