Beta Glucan

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Great support for your immune system.

60 capsules
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Beta Glucan
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Contents: Beta Glucan, Cordyceps Sinensis, Vegetable Capsule, Hericium, Maitake powder, Poria, Shitake extract sporophore.

Our Beta-Glucan is capable of supporting and priming the body's natural de-fense, activating front line immune cells to support a healthy and robust im-mune response without over stimulating it.

This unique, highly concentrated and highly purified Beta Glucan (1-3, 1-6D) has been designed to support and nutritionally prime the body's natural defense–its immune system. A healthy immune system should provide a robust response against foreign invaders. Our product provides 300 mg. of purified and concentrated Beta Glucan and a proprietary blend of five powerful mushroom extracts (Cordyceps, Maitake, Shitake, Hericum and Poria).

Ancient-Wisdom Inspired by Modern Technology.
The natural polysaccharides found in Ganoderma lucidum, a medical mush-room, have been known for their beneficial effect for thousands of years. In traditional Asian medicine and in the East, mushrooms are considered to be a specialty food used in many recipes to promote health and longevity. Now the West, thru extensive research, has realized that these unique mushroom de-rived polysaccharides, known as Beta-Glucans have a significant impact on priming the immune system.

Mode of Action
Beta-Glucan modifies the immune response by binding to the Beta-Glucan specific receptor (CR3, CD116-CD18, and Dectin-1) located on the cell sur-face. The cells of our immune system are responsible for finding, identifying and consuming foreign invaders in our body. Beta-Glucan (1-3, 1-6D) initi-ates immunity where it starts, at specialized immune cells called macrophag-es. These cells are large in size compared to other immune or body cells. These macrophages also have the ability to "trigger" other components of the immune system including Granullocytes (Neutrophil, Eosilnophils and the Basophils), B-cells, T-cells, and natural killer (NK) cells to enhance the body's innate capability against bacterial, viral, fungal and parasite infections. In addition, Beta-Glucan has shown effectiveness against radiation exposure and possesses tumoricidal effects. This positive effect is mediated through the stimulation of monocytes natural killer cells (NR) and dendritic cells resulting in the amelioration of a skewed Th1/Th2 balance and inflammation.

Some key immune responses promoted by Mushroom Beta-Glucan includes:

Why is New Spirit Naturals mushroom derived Beta-Glucan unique and special?

First, it is produced by several proprietary technologies to produce noth-ing but the highest quality Beta-Glucan. This begins with an exclusive method to cultivate the mushroom in an environment free of contamina-tion and pollution. Then, a state of the art process is used to extract and purify the Beta-Glucan.

Next, a special procedure is used that allows these mushrooms to pro-duce enzymes that support circulatory health. Another excellent proper-ty is their stability under extreme temperatures, withholding tempera-tures in excess of 250°C without being denatured. As such they can be added to hot beverages. Safety is always a priority at New Spirit Natu-rals. Our special Beta-Glucan was the first mushroom extract to receive US-FDA GRAS (generally recognized as safe) designation. These special Beta-Glucans derived from mushrooms have a short chain linkage and are water soluble. Yeast derived Beta-Glucan are long chain and water insoluble. Beta-Glucan derived from oats and barley contain a different linkage (1-3, 1-4).

Finally they can be incorporated into beverages, smoothies, foods (yogurt, confections etc.). Just pull the capsule apart and add. Our Beta-Glucan is water soluble and more bioavailable than Beta-Glucan from other sources. It has a higher potential for cellular intake and greater stability. These properties contribute a significantly longer half-life in the body.

Guidelines for useage:

Use 1 to 2 capsules daily for regular use. For therapeutic use, use 2 capsules AM & PM or as directed by your doctor or health care practitioner. Each capsule contains 300 mg. of highly purified concentrated Beta-Glucan (1-3, 1-6D) and a proprietary blend of 50mg. of five concentrated extracts equal to approximately 150 milligrams regular mushroom ext.

This product contains NO artificial color, flavor or sweetener, NO preservatives, NO sugar, NO milk, NO gluten, NO yeast and NO fish.