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Natural Ways To Health offers

Personalized Nutrition Recommendations
for Preventative and Restorative Health

with Ayesha Rognlie, N.C.
Holistic Health Counselor

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Ayesha Rognlie, N.C. provides services to those who wish to prevent disease and who wish to work with physical imbalances and health challenges from a holistic approach.

She uses her extensive background in the use of foods, herbs, nutrients, and lifestyle changes to bring balance and harmony to the individual. Utilizing diet, natural supplements, exercise, homeopathy, Bach flowers, and therapeutic remedies from Traditional Chinese and Western herbal philosophies, Ayesha will help you feel better, gain more energy, and rejuvenate your natural vitality.

Ayesha is a graduate of the Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition. She was a California State Certified Nutritional Consultant and a member of the national organization of the Society of Certified Nutritionists. Ayesha has also taught nutrition courses at the Institute for Educational Therapy and is a guest lecturer at health and wellness symposiums. She had a private practice in California for over 20 years, and has provided nutrition consulting for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy in an Oncology clinic for 5 years. Ayesha has relocated to the state of Washington and now helps customers of naturalways determine the appropriate supplements for their health concerns.

Special Areas of Experience

· Allergies
· Anti-Aging Programs
· Arthritis
· Cancer Prevention and nutrition during and after cancer treatment
· Candida
· Cleansing and Detoxification Programs
· Diabetes
· Digestive Disorders
· Fatigue
· Food Sensitivities
· High Blood Pressure
· High Cholesterol
· Hypoglycemia
· Immune Support
· Menopause / PMS
· Osteoporosis
· Thyroid Disorders
· Weight Management