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Earth's Harvest

A Rainbow of Micro-Algaes:

Cleanse and Detoxify the Blood
Nourish the Body
Strengthen the Immune System

Micro-algaes are the most concentrated,
nutritious whole food available on the planet.

175 grams powder
Retail $39.95 / Your Cost $29.96

180 capsules
Retail $39.95 / Your Cost $29.96
Earth's Harvest
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Earth's Harvest is a safe and natural food that provides concentrated nutritional support for optimum health and wellness. Micro-algaes contain more protein than any other food with the full range of essential amino acids. A single serving of Earth’s Harvest (5.8 grams) provides 5 grams of highly digestible protein. Additionally, Earth’s Harvest contains the full spectrum of B-vitamins, and is high in chlorophyll, beta-carotene, and the essential fatty acids, as well as an array of phytonutrients and carotenoids.

Reported Health Benefits of Micro-Algaes in Earth's Harvest

Earth's Harvest Contains:

Spirulina (Blue-Green)

Spirulina (Cyanophyta) is 65 to 71 percent complete protein. Spirulina provides all the required amino acids, and in a form that is five times easier to digest than meat or soy protein. In comparison, beef is only 22 percent protein. In addition, Spirulina is one of the few plant sources of vitamin B12, usually found only in animal tissues. A teaspoon of Spirulina supplies 21/2 times the Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamin B12.

Chlorella (Dark Green)

Chlorella (Chlorophyta) contains more chlorophyll than any otherwhole food. Chlorella is a natural, pure, whole food with all the materials to support life. It provides a tremendous source of concentrated nutrition. High in protein, and antioxidants. Rich in minerals: Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Phosphorous, and Iodine. Chlorella fuels the body and its "guardian system" to fight off potential health-limiting "invaders." It provides a protective effect on the liver, normalizes digestion and bowel activity, helps rid the body of toxic minerals, and stimulates growth and repair to tissues.

Dunaliella (Orange-Red)

Dunaliella (Rhodophyta) has the highest quality of natural source carotenoids and is extremely rich in the beta-carotenes. Dunaliella helps protect the adrenal glands, reproductive organs, pancreas, spleen, and skin.