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Green Coffee Bean Extract

50% Chlorogenic Acid for Weight Loss

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Green Coffee Bean Extract

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Green Coffee Bean Extract

Support healthy weight loss with this time tested product. Naturally high in antioxidants (over 50% chlorogenic acid), unroasted Green Coffee Bean Extract helps support normal healthy blood sugar balance while assisting the body in maintaining a balanced metabolism. Non-GMO.

Weight loss results with green coffee bean are mainly dependent on the quality of the unroasted green coffee beans. First, we use only Coffee robusta beans. Secondly, our extract process uses only food grade, Kosher certified, non-GMO ethanol and pure distilled water to concentrate the activity of chlorogenic acid by approximately 15 times. Finally, the composition of the total chlorogenic acids (COA's) varies among species of green coffee bean products. New Spirit Naturals own specifications require that our raw materials contain an array of the different COA's totaling no less than 50% of chlorogenic acid.

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About Green Coffee Bean Extract as a Weight Management Aid

Green Coffee Bean Extract has been hailed as a "miracle supplement" for weight loss by celebrity Dr. Mehmet Oz. While that may be an overstatement, it does seem to be a very useful tool in weight loss/weight management. As a result, demand has sky rocketed.

The main research on Green Coffee Bean Extract has been done by Dr. Joe Vinson, a chemist for the University of Scranton. Dr. Vinson's study demonstrated successful weight loss with study participants losing an average of 17 pounds over a 22 week period. The study participants did not alter their diet or exercise pattern. The study was conducted on 16 overweight men and women (age 22 to 46). They burned on average about 400 calories per day in physical activity. The 17 pound weight loss was an average. Some lost only 7 pounds while others as much as 26 pounds. None of the participants reported any side effects. The study was funded by Applied Food Science. A follow up study conducted by Dr. Vinson in April 2013 also cited the positive effects of chlorogenic acid on blood sugar in humans in addition to weight loss. In a 2013 press conference, Dr. Vinson indicated the successful weight loss benefits results from Green Coffee Bean Extract was likely attributed to the chlorogenic acid contained in raw, unroasted coffee beans. When coffee beans are roasted (usually at a temperature of 464-482 degrees Fahrenheit) to obtain a distinctive flavor, color or aroma, chlorogenic acid is broken down. Unroasted green coffee beans, on the other hand, have a slight bitter taste due to the chologenic acid not being broken down.

Benefits of our Green Coffee Bean Extract

Usage Instructions

The recommended usage of New Spirit Naturals Green Coffee Bean Extract is one (1) capsule taken three times per day. This supplement should be taken 20 to 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner in order to obtain the best benefits/results. Each vegetable capsule contains 450 mg of pure, unroasted, concentrated extract of Green Coffee beans (Coffee robusta). It is recommended not to exceed four capsules per day. Our Green Coffee Bean Extract contains more than 50% chlorogenic acid, the key ingredient thought to support its weight loss, slimming and sugar balancing properties.